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Prayer Vigil for Peace


On Monday 10th September we’re going back to Kidderminster to take part in a Prayer Vigil for Peace at Roxel.

The vigil will begin at 8.30am at the gates, the postcode for finding where to go is DY11 7RZ. Everyone is welcome, please join us and tell your friends.

Facebook event: MiChA Event at Roxel

We will be working together with MiChA (Midland Christian Action), a local group of Christians and Quakers recently formed to oppose the arms trade.

  • Roxel manufacture Engines for Storm shadow and Brimstone Missiles.
  • Since 2013: 100 storm shadow, and 1000 Brimstone missiles have been sold to Saudi Arabia, at an estimated value of £180m.
  • These missiles have been used by the Saudi Air force in Yemen. We believe they will be in the future.
  • Since March 2013 the Saudi Air Force have repeatedly bombed civilian targets in Yemen
[For our sources please get in touch at]

Roxel Vigil Poster A

Bombing in Syria

Tomorrow there is going to be a House of Commons vote on the questions of whether the UK should take part in the bombing of Syria.

Please email your MP and ask them to vote against these air strikes.

We’ve collected together the following links which will help you in doing this, or will inform your discussion with your MP.

Pax Christi:

Fellowship of Reconciliation:

Stop the War Coalition:

You can find some prayer resources produced by Fellowship of Reconciliation here:

and some very interesting background information here:

Please pray for Syria and Iraq.

War Starts Here

In a month’s time, the DSEi arms fair will take place in London. Once again, our capital will play host to arms dealers and military personnel – the arms dealers there to sell their wares, the military there to browse the weapons and other equipment that will be used in the wars of the future. The global arms trade is worth billions of pound20130910_090118s – in 2013, global military expenditure was $1.75 trillion, and DSEi is one of the biggest events of it’s kind.

The scale – of DSEi, of the arms trade, of the sums being spent – is almost beyond comprehension. The economic and political interests behind the global trade in weapons can seem insurmountable. Yet, what this industry is really, really reliant on is our acquiescence, our sense of powerlessness  – as soon as people refuse to allow such an industry to take place in their own backyard, it runs into trouble. Like in 2008, when the Australian government cancelled the APDSE arms fair due to the massive opposition mobilised against it, or kayakers set off into the Thames to slow down advancing war ships, or protesters sit down in the gates and hinder access to the arms fair. The arms trade relies, more than anything, on our silent complicity – as soon as we decide to get in it’s way, it slows and falters, we see it vulnerable, and we can imagine new futures, a different way, something new, vibrant, light, and beautiful.

In September, members of Put Down the Sword will be praying for peace outside the DSEi arms fair – come and join us!

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