Prayer Vigil at Roxel – Resources 2

During the vigil on 10th September Halesowen Global Justice Group led a short time of prayer at the gates of Roxel, here are the resources they used.IMG_8770

The true meaning of peace

True peace goes hand in hand with justice. It is not merely the absence of war or the fragile exhaustion that exists in the aftermath of conflict, when lives have been torn apart, relationships broken, infrastructures destroyed and homes demolished. Rather, the God-given peace that our creator desires for us, which is built on justice, where everything and everyone in the created order is in right relationship with each other and can reach their God-given potential.

If we ignore the inequality that exists between those who have too much and those who have too little, and the mounting tensions that such polarisation brings, we only pay lip service to the pursuit of peace and God’s law of justice is denigrated. Real peace needs to be worked at, like a life-long relationship. It is built by those who direct their efforts to its establishment, day after day. Its pursuit means listening to the voice of the oppressed and being challenged to action. It means seeing all humanity as our brothers and sisters and honouring other people’s development, as well as our own. And it means building a future for the next generations so they can know life in all its fullness and peace in its entirety.
The reflection was from Annabelle Shilsen Thomas (for CAFOD) from the  website
God of the dispossessed.
God of the dispossessed,
defender of the helpless,
you grieve with all the women who weep,
because their children are no more;
may we also refuse to be comforted
until the violence of the strong has been confounded,
and the broken victims have been set free
in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Lord, you have said to us ‘Peace I leave with you.’
This peace that you give is not that of this world:
it is not the peace of order, when order oppresses;
it is not the peace of silence, when silence is born of suppression;
it is not the peace of resignation, when such resignation is unworthy.
Your peace is love for all people,
is justice for all people,
is truth for all people,
the truth that liberates and stimulates growth.

Lord, it is this peace we believe in because of your promise.
Grant us peace, and we will give this peace to others.

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