Prayer Vigil at Roxel – Resources 1

These are the words which were spoken at the beginning of our vigil at Roxel:


“We are on the outskirts of Kidderminster. In a moment we are going to walk up to the gates of Roxel.

We are a group of Christians from different denominations. We are here to pray and to protest.

Here at Roxel they are manufacturing the engines for Stormshadow and Brimstone missiles. We believe that they are currently working on a batch of missiles which have been ordered by the Saudi government. We believe it highly likely that these missiles are intended for use in Yemen.

We are here to witness to peace in the name of the prince of peace. We reject the belief that violence can be used to create peace. Violence will only breed more violence.

We believe that the arms industry is fuelling conflict around the world. Dropping bombs and firing missiles is not a road to peace, only to more death, more conflict, more suffering.

As Christians we believe in an incarnate God, a God who became human and placed himself in the midst suffering, and who challenged the sources of suffering. As followers of this God we feel called to be here today in this place which is a source of suffering and death in other parts of the world. We hope to Witness against the industry of war which is ongoing in this place.

We pray for peace in Yemen, and elsewhere in the world.

Aware of our own complicity in evil, we call to repentance all those involved in the work here.

written  by Matthew Neville


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