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Welcoming the Theophany

[A] pattern of temporary falling apart precedes every transition to a new level of faith, hope, and love. If one is not prepared to live in temporary chaos and to hold the necessary anxiety that chaos entails, one never moves into a Bigger World. Notice that almost every Theophany (revelation of God) begins with the same warning: “Do not be Afraid”. Fear is an entirely predictable response to any God encounter, because any authentic experience of the Absolute relativises everything else. God is actually quite wild and dangerous, but we domesticated divine experience so much that a vast majority of people have left the search entirely, finding most religious people to be fearful conformists instead of adventurous seekers of Love and Mystery.

Richard Rohr

Put Down the Sword -Upcoming Trial

IMG_6682June 27, 2016

The blockade begins…

Back in June five members of Put Down the Sword were arrested “willful obstruction of the highway” while blockading one of the entrances to AWE Burghfield, where the UK’s nuclear weapons are assembled. Two other affinity groups (from the Catholic Workers and Quakers) blockaded the other entrances meaning the whole site was shut to vehicles for a morning.
Put Down the Sword are in Reading Magistrates Court on 23rd, 25th and 26th January. We welcome supporters on any day, but are focussing on 25th January as the main day, and we’re putting on a series of seminars for those unable to get into the public gallery. The schedule for the day is as follows (although it will be flexible!)

IMG_6745June 27, 2016

A cutting team working on a lock-on

9: Meet outside the court. Bring banners etc               11.30-12.30 How to bring change: exploring how to use direct action: Andrew Metheven, War Resisters International
1-2: Communal lunch with defendants
2-3: Jesus and non-violence: Woody Woodhouse, Methodist Minister
3-4: What next? Stop DSEI! Sarah Robinson, CAAT

We also have a solidarity fund to help with travel expenses etc for the defendants. Cash donations are welcome, or transfers to 08-92-86 17488437.

Please tell us your coming at this link

IMG_6706June 27, 2016

Police inspect the lock-ons