What we should be learning from children’s stories

(by Alison)
I’ve been struck recently by how many children’s stories are about a small group of enlightened individuals battling against a greater power who has popular support.   For example, in the Lego Movie, Emmet, Wildstyle and the crew opt out of an extremely regimented society, and through their own creativity try to stop Lord Business deploying his weapon, the Kragle.  The crux scene is a super example on non violence with Emmet trying to appeal to Lord Business not to deploy the Kragle.
In Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix, Harry and his friends act in secret to defeat Lord* Voldemort, despite the Ministry of Magic denying he has returned.   It later turns out that key figures in the Ministry of Magic are in league with Voldemort.
The bible has similar themes.   Senior rabbis worked in league with the oppressing Roman government to ensure the execution of Jesus.   The early church (and of course the church in some countries today) tried to spread the truth of Jesus despite persecution.

So why are we happy for out children’s heroes to be seeking truth in a world which constantly tells them to conform to the status quo, yet in our own lives we wordlessly accept the rhetoric our government feeds us without lifting a finger to object?   We’re happy to protect big business’s “rights” to make profit at any expense – workers conditions, the environment our children will grow up in and the peaceful life of civilian’s abroad.   Look again at the name of the baddy in the Lego Movie!!

Jesus reminds us to respect our children as the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them (Matthew 19:14), I think it’s time we should listen properly to what we’re teaching our children!

*I’ve just noticed that both baddies are called “Lord”.   I think there’s a whole other post somewhere about whether non-democratically elected Lords can be a force for good but I’ll leave that for another day.


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